- 5:00 pm  ENGLISH

     - 7:00 pm  SPANISH


     - 8:00 am  SPANISH

     - 9:30 am  ENGLISH

     - 11:00 am ENGLISH

     - 12:30 pm​​ (Mariachi)​​

​     - 2:00 pm​  SPANISH


   Tuesday - Friday

     - 12 noon  ENGLISH

   Monday - Friday

     - 7:00 pm SPANISH


   Thursday 6:00 pm​​

St Joseph - St Stephen Catholic Church

Historic 6th Ward  Houston Texas

​Archdiocese of Galveston - Houston

​Faith Formation - CCE

To be a follower of Jesus Christ is to willingly share His good news to the world. 

Our world-wide Holy, Catholic and Apostolic Church is blessed with followers; CCE teachers; eager to share the joy of their faith journeys with our youth.

If you would like to become a CCE teacher, please email Sister Mary Esther at

One, Holy, Catholic, Apostolic Church

office: 713-222-6193                  

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